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Pokémon GO adds seven, instead of 100 new Pokémon
By Ian Chee - on 14 Des 2016, 11:27am

Pokémon GO adds seven, instead of 100 new Pokémon

Remember when we said that Niantic would be adding nearly 100 Pokémon to its mobile app Pokémon GO? Looks like we were wrong. To reward us for being overly optimistic, Niantic has given its highly successful mobile app the additions that are Magby, Elekid, Smoochum, Pichu, Togepi, Igglybuff, and Cleffa. Oh and lots of Pikachu with Santa hats.

Image source: Niantic via Kotaku.

With the exception of Togepi, all the other Baby Pokémon released are the juvenile forms of Generation-1 Pokémon. Togepi is the only one among them that has its evolved form in Generation-2, with its final evolution not making a debut until Generation-4. That makes the exclusion of Tyrogue pretty odd, two of its three possible evolved forms are from Generation-1.

What’s more, these baby Pokémon can only obtained via hatched eggs. And not even eggs that you’ve had before either – they have to be eggs newly obtained after the update. Woe is the player who wants these new baby critters, but have run out of incubators and have maxed out their inventory quota of eggs.

Of course, the things that everyone else was expecting from the update – the rest of Generation-2, trading, PVP, everything else that makes Pokémon, Pokémon – are nowhere to be seen.

We’d share a piece of our minds with you regarding this, but we’ve probably done enough of that. So here are the responses of the people who have stuck through the game only to be, uh, treated this way by Niantic, to use as neutral a tone as possible:

But hey, on the bright side, you go catch yourselves some Santa-hat Pikachus. Guess that’s Niantic’s way of saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to its staunchest of supporters.

Image source: Niantic.

Source: Kotaku.