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PlayFPS Elites 2013 Ends with a Bang
By Chong Jinn Wei - on 28 Jan 2013, 2:41am

PlayFPS Elites 2013 Ends with a Bang

After two grueling days of intensive gaming, the PlayFPS Elites 2013 competition has finally concluded with its champions receiving their well deserved prizes and trophies. Eight teams returned once again to The Mall Ngamwongwan, Bangkok, Thailand to compete against each other.

The four teams that participated in the Sudden Attack Season II Southeast Asia Championship semi finals included:

  • eMcN (South Korea)
  • Arrancar by Mthai (Thailand)
  • Volcano (Vietnam)
  • wN.mTK (Malaysia)

The four other teams that took part in the A.V.A. Southeast Asia Championship included:

  • Neolution E-Sport (Thailand)
  • 1st. E-Sports (Thailand)
  • Allegiance (Singapore)
  • NC Harz No Limit (Indonesia)

(4th from left) Kittipong Prusaraun, Managing Director, AsiaSoft Thailand with Malaysia's 'wN.mTK'

During the semi-finals for the Sudden Attack Season II Southeast Asia Championship, South Korea team ‘eMcN’ and Vietnam’s ‘Volcano’ had fought hard and managed to outmatch Thailand’s ‘Arrancar by Mthai’ and Malaysia’s ‘wN.mTK’ respectively to proceed to the finals. Unfazed by the mounting pressure, Malaysia’s ‘wN.mTK’ returned with a vengeance against the Thailand’s hardy ‘Arrancar by Mthai’ to earn their rank of 2nd Runner Up.

Thailand's 'Neolution E-Sport'

On the A.V.A. Southeast Asia Championship, Thailand’s ‘1st.E-Sports’ and Singapore’s ‘Allegiance’ managed to make it to the finals after defeating Indonesia’s ‘NC HARZ NO LIMIT’ and Thailand’s ‘Neolution E-Sport’. Wanting to give their local supporters a good show, ‘Neolution E-Sport’ answered the call with guns blazing and eventually won against the equally skilled ‘NC HARZ NO LIMIT’.

South Korea's 'eMcN'

Vietnam's 'Volcano'

Thailand's '1st.E-Sports'

Singapore's 'Allegiance'

During the finals for Sudden Attack, ‘eMcN’ narrowly emerged victorious after being evenly matched with the skilled players from ‘Volcano’. On the A.V.A. front, ‘1st.E-Sport’ players eventually prevailed against the relentless attacks from ‘Allegiance’ to win the match and competition.