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NVIDIA to Build Unique New Campus
By Chong Jinn Wei - on 22 Feb 2013, 4:11pm

NVIDIA to Build Unique New Campus

NVIDIA was proud to announce the plans for an additional campus across its headquarters in Santa Clara. The new building will feature imaginative architecture that combines both artistic and practical designs.

The new NVIDIA campus as designed by Hao Ko from Gensler

The new campus was designed by Hao Ko, a young Harvard-trained architect working at Gensler. His unique triangular shaped building was designed to better connect and inspire employees through smart functionality. Despite being brand new, NVIDIA's campus will maintain efficient usage of energy, space ,environment and even costs.

With its vast open floors and cross-functional work architecture, employees can better connect with colleagues from various experts skills to work together more efficiently. The nature of NVIDIA's business requires many employees to come together and the new upcoming building was designed to facilitate their productivity.

NVIDIA is a world leader in visual computing technology that has revolutionized computer graphics. The company houses over 8,000 staff from across 40-plus sites and has employees from multiple major cities around the world such as: Taipei, Helsinki, Shanghai, Paris, Beijing, Boston, Hong Kong, Bangalore, Tokyo, Moscow, Cambridge, and Sophia, among others.

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