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NETGEAR Unveils Affordable Enterprise Storage
By Chong Jinn Wei - on 27 Nov 2012, 11:00am

NETGEAR Unveils Affordable Enterprise Storage

NETGEAR has announced the availability of its ReadyDATA unified storage family of products in Malaysia. ReadyDATA is an affordable enterprise-class storage that has a flexible capacity, and can easily scale up to 180TB of storage.


“ReadyDATA delivers Tier-1 storage features with extraordinary simplicity. Users can replicate files and databases to offsite locations and recover data from unlimited point-in-time snapshots... Customers can seamlessly implement ReadyDATA into their system. ReadyDATA is a solution designed for SMBs and enterprises in Malaysia with its modular design and functionalities that are flexible enough to scale to future needs,” said Tan Wee Fong, Sales Manager ASEAN, NETGEAR.

ReadyDATA uses the world's first cloud-managed replication. This allows the ReadyDATA to be highly secure while having good disaster recovery without extra configurations on its server or network. Being an enterprise-class storage, ReadyDATA effectively caters towards IT operations in any industry, through native di-duplication, thin provisioning and unlimited snapshots and support for SATA, SAS and SSD storage systems.

The NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200, with up to 12 drives in a 2U enclosure and support for two expansion disk arrays. List pricing with 12 enterprise SATA drives is RM42,000. The NETGEAR ReadyDATA EDA4000, a 4U expansion disk array allowing up to 24 additional drives. Its list price is RM10,500.

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