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Mozilla Backtracks Decision to Kill 64-bit Version of Firefox
By Michael Low & Wong Chung Wee - on 27 Des 2012, 11:11am

Mozilla Backtracks Decision to Kill 64-bit Version of Firefox

Mozilla is backtracking on its decision to kill the 64-bit version of Firefox due to heavy backlash from users of the browser. Just last month, managing engineer Benjamin Smedberg requested developers stop development on the project's nightly builds of its 64-bit Windows distribution.

(Source: Mozilla)

Smedberg announced a modified plan that serves as a compromise; existing 64-bit Foxfire users on Windows operating systems will be automatically migrated to the 32-bit version of Firefox through an automatic update. In the meantime, the developers will continue to provide nightly builds of the 64-bit browser.

Mozilla seems to feel that this arrangement would appease users who insist on using the 64-bit version of its browser whose builds "...will be considered a 'tier 3' build configuration.". Other changes include the planned disabling of the browser's crash reporter, enable click-to-play plugins by default as well as reduce engineering loads by discontinuing 64-bit tests and on-checkin builds. It appears Mozilla is allowing the 64-bit variants of Firefox to live on albeit with less development focus. For more information on Mozilla's announcement, please follow this link.

Source: Mozilla via PC Perspective