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Mobile Games Popularity to Increase Significantly by 2017
By Bryan Chan - on 26 Apr 2013, 1:50pm

Mobile Games Popularity to Increase Significantly by 2017

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Research and analytical company Juniper Research has revealed that by 2017, there will be 64.1 billion games downloaded onto smartphones and tablet devices. This figure is over three times that from 2012, which was 21 billion. This high growth rate is mainly driven by the increasing number of free-to-play apps and more sophisticated devices.

The report is titled 'Mobile & Tablet Games: Discovery, In-App Purchases & Advertising' and it investigates why the growth for this sector is incredibly high. One of the reasons for this is the increase in the number of sophisticated games that allow for multi-platform gameplay using cloud technology. An increase in the storage space in these devices are also a factor.

Another key factor that is contributing to this sector's growth is the fact that tablet users are downloading twice the amount of games onto their devices than smartphone users. The author of the report, Siân Rowlands added, “Mid-core gamers, who previously spent a lot of money and time playing games but now have jobs, families or other commitments, are driving this trend. These people are embracing the tablet form factor, and innovative gameplay devices such as the mobile-based OUYA console, really appeal to them.”

Juniper Research believes that mobile and tablet games will not mark the end of dedicated portable gaming devices. However, players such as Nintendo are cutting their sales forecasts by 14% for its 3DS and 27% for its Wii U.

Other noteworthy findings from the research include the likelihood of social and casual games remaining the most popular genre, and that in 2017, a majority of mobile games will be free-to-play, with only 7% requiring a purchase. The full report by Juniper Research is available here.

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