Microsoft Unveils Update for Mail and Other Windows 8 Native Apps

Microsoft Unveils Update for Mail and Other Windows 8 Native Apps

Following rumors of an impending update for its native Windows 8 / Windows RT apps last week, Microsoft has unveiled some changes for its Mail, Calendar and People apps, promising performance improvements and quicker app load times.

You've Got Mail

For Mail, these updates will see Microsoft introducing new features and functionality which allows users to create folders from within the app, as well as delete and remain them. In addition to that, users can also flag messages to a flagged items folder, mark spam mail as junk or view unread items only. This is not just limited to Microsoft-run email services, however.


The new Mail also allows searching of mail on the server, add and edit links while drafting a message, and save senders as new contacts. It also comes with a new feature which suggests people you might want to put in the 'To' field, displaying their names as pop-ups, making it easier for tablet users. Last but not least are new security restrictions such as 'Do Not Forward', as well as a few code tweaks, which should make pasting formatted content and editing lists much easier.

Easy Planning with Calendar

Besides getting a new workweek-only view that shows Monday through Friday, the Calendar app has also got a visual facelift. This comes in the form of a new dateline, which shows where you are in the day's schedule. New features also include being able to check on other people's availability, forward meeting invites, sending emails to all attendees and setting end dates for recurring events.

What's New for People

Despite being the one to receive the least improvements, People does have some revisions including the ability to post to your friends' Facebook walls from within the app. The app can now also sort the "What's New" page by social network, as well as pull the data of your friends' contact cards from Exchange.

The new updates for these apps will be available on the Windows Marketplace today.

Source: Engadget

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