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Maxis One Club Members Get Awesome Deals for the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1
By Jeremy Cheong - on 13 Sep 2012, 10:54am

Maxis One Club Members Get Awesome Deals for the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1

By now, you have probably read and heard about it and probably even had the chance to see and experience the recently launched Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 (if you haven't, you can get some details here). So for those who are looking to invest in this impressive tablet and are Maxis One Club members, you are in for a treat as Maxis has just revealed a super affordable plan for the GALAXY Note 10.1.

Maxis One Club members getting a more up close and personal experience with the new Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1

So how affordable is affordable? How does getting the GALAXY Note 10.1 at RM699 sound? Currently, the offer is available at all Maxis Centres and participating Maxis Exclusive Partner stores nationwide and is valid until September 30. Besides the affordable price, Maxis will also be giving members a free Loker account with 25GB of personal cloud storage space, allowing customers to store and access all their personal digital content securely through Maxis Cloud.

“At Maxis, we value customer loyalty and ensure that our MOC members are a priority in giving the best deals. Our last offer to them for smartphones had generated so much of excitement and the response was overwhelming! Now, we are continuing with our rewards program by offering another great deal on an innovative tablet. This clearly demonstrates our on-going commitment in our offering of privileges and rewards for our valued MOC members since we initiated the MOC program 10 years ago,” said Suren J Amarasekera, Maxis’ Joint Chief Operating Officer.

“Tablets specifically are becoming a popular alternative for a variety of functions, be it work, leisure or entertainment. It is increasingly becoming the tool of choice for those on the go due to its capabilities and convenience. With this offer, in which our MOC members will be the first to enjoy, we are essentially providing our loyal customers easy access to innovative devices that deliver leading-edge solutions by making them affordable. Moreover, through our leading wireless network coverage and the largest and fastest High Speed Access capability in the country, our customers will be able to enjoy a seamless experience when using their device,” concluded Suren.

The Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 is the perfect device for those who always have overflowing creative ideas as it allows them to simplify idea capture with its enhanced performance, precise S-Pen and seamless multitasking.

So if you are really interested in getting the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1, below are more details on the price plan options offered by Maxis:

Recommended Retail Price MOC Price
Data Bundle Advanced Payment


RM128 (6GB + RM30 talk time) x 24 months None
RM999 RM98 (3GB + RM30 talk time) x 24 months None

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