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Mac Trojan Dockster Planted on Dalai Lama Website
By Michael Low & Hurrairah bin Sohail - on 4 Dec 2012, 10:43pm

Mac Trojan Dockster Planted on Dalai Lama Website

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Back in the first half of 2012, Apple computers were rocked by the Flashback malware. Approximately more than half a million users were infected by the virus. Now another backdoor trojan, dubbed Dockster by anti-virus providers, has made its appearance on the scene. 

The malicious code is hosted on Dalai Lama related website and aims to surreptitiously install OS X-based spy software on the Mac computers of visitors. Surprisingly, Dockster uses an exploit in Oracle's Java framework. The loophole had been patched when Flashback made use of it and has been patched again in light of recent events.

However, if you are running an older build your computer might be risk. The site also hosts Windows malware but those exploits have not proved successful.

Source: F-Secure via ArsTechnica