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LG Launches New Home Theater Systems with Advanced CINEMA 3D Sound Technology
By Jeremy Cheong - on 14 Sep 2012, 5:24pm

LG Launches New Home Theater Systems with Advanced CINEMA 3D Sound Technology


Just yesterday, LG Electronics Malaysia announced its latest 3D home entertainment products, which include two high-series CINEMA 3D Surround home theater systems, featuring the world's first Upright 3D speakers with 3D Sound Zooming function that adds a whole new dimension in sound. LG also introduced a new Smart 3D Blu-ray player and docking system.

“LG continues to apply our expertise in 3D technologies to bring richer and more fulfilling 3D home entertainment experiences to our customers,” said HK Kwon, Managing Director, LG Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd. “With the integration of 3D Sound and Smart TV technologies into our audio systems, coupled with our popular CINEMA 3D Smart TVs, consumers will feel like they are watching 3D at the movies, except from the comfort of their living rooms.”

Known as the tallboy version, the BH9520TW is available at a suggested retail price of RM2,699

Considered as LG's most comprehensive 3D Sound Home Theater System, the BH9520TW and BH9320H feature the unique and innovative CINEMA 3D Sound, which combines a number of technologies that allows it to produce richer and fuller 3D surround sound.

LG's Cinema 3D Sound starts with a 9.1 Speaker System which optimally distributes sound and delivers the rich surround audio effect that lets consumers feel they are in a cinema. This is achieved by adding four upright speakers on top of an existing 5.1-channel home theater system.

The 90-degree upright speakers pump sound upwards to create vertical surround sound and when paired with the 5.1 channel speakers that provide the flat surround sound, the LG 9.1 Speaker System is able to fill up an entire room, including over the head, to deliver a true 360-degree surround sound.

This is the BH9320H, which is also known as the half tallboy version that comes with a recommended retail price of RM2,199

Besides that, these new home theater systems (HTS) also have enhanced core technologies such as 3D Sound Zooming, Sound Field Expansion and 3D Surround Processor, all three help the systems in creating a more comprehensive and acoustically stimulating 3D experience.

All the new LG CINEMA 3D Sound HTS are now equipped with Smart Share, allowing users to easily browse and stream files on various digital devices to their Smart TV screens. Other connectivity features include remote control using smartphone via the LG remote app, WiFi Direct (for selected models) and USB (including USB Direct Recording).

The super innovative Smart 3D Blu-ray player, BP620 is now available at RM699

However, if you aren't looking for a full HTS, LG also released the BP620 Smart 3D Blu-ray player that takes multimedia experience to a whole new level with embedded Smart TV functions, direct WiFi connectivity to external devices and Smart Share function.

This innovative Blu-ray player offers perfect 3D playback that ensures full HD picture quality with brighter and clearer 3D images. It also has convenient access to premium VoD and applications from the LG App Store. For those with smartphones, by downloading the LG Remote App, smartphones are transformed into remote controls.

The seriously cool-looking ND8520 isn't available just yet, but it is expected to hit stores at the end of September 2012

Finally, LG also announced the availability of a docking speaker system optimized for iOS smart devices as it features AirPlay technology, enabling users to share their iTunes music collection via Wi-Fi. The ND8520 docking system also features a simple touch interface that is not only used to control all of the speaker functions, but also access and manage music libraries stored on external devices.

But make no mistake, this isn't just for iOS devices, as the NB8520 also has a USB port that supports MP3 and WMA playback. It may be compact but it is still able to produce impressive sound as it has a 2.1 channel 80W speaker that generates strong bass with its built-in woofer.

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