Kaspersky: Information is Sensitive, Encrypt it Well

Kaspersky: Information is Sensitive, Encrypt it Well


The business world is seeing a change in the air, as many companies worldwide are beginning to adopt data encryption technology to protect critical data in their ranks.

According to a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab with the help of B2B International in July 2012, almost 50% of the companies around the world who participated in the survey says that they have implemented encryption technology in order to protect critical corporate data.

Of those companies, however, it was noted in the survey that only 36% of the IT specialists use a full disk encryption method (known as encryption of information array) and only 32% of IT specialists encrypt their data on external devices such as USB drives.

"Encryption is among the most promising technologies for reducing the risk of critical data leakage, but it’s at its most effective when incorporated into a comprehensive security system for corporate IT infrastructure. Our business solutions can provide this comprehensive protection for all corporate network endpoints," says Nikolay Grebennikov, Chief Technology Officer, Kaspersky Lab.

Encryption is the fifth most widespread protection technique used in the protection of critical digital information. It is what many in the IT world refer to as the final defensive barrier that a cybercriminal needs to bypass, even after the hacker has successfully forced his way into the company's IT infrastructure, thus making it extremely difficult for the hacker to access the desired information.

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