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iOS 10.3.2 severely draining iPhone batteries
By Chong Jinn Wei - on 20 May 2017, 8:20am

iOS 10.3.2 severely draining iPhone batteries

Apple released iOS 10.3.2 earlier this week, promising performance improvements for Apple devices. However, several iPhone users have been experiencing severe battery drains.

Image source: Forbes.

According to Forbes, user complaints from multiple sources ranging from Apple Support Communities to various social media outlets have highlighted the issue after they upgraded their iPhones to the latest version of iOS. There has not been any complaints reported for the iPad or iPod Touch as of yet.

There have been reports of iPhone batteries being drained down to 10 to 20-percent in a few minutes after a full charge. In addition, there were instances where the iPhone started powering down despite the battery level being at 40 percent. These problems still persist even after users performed a factory reset and restored their iPhones.

Apple’s iOS 10.3.2 update was released to patch a number of security flaws that are now public knowledge, which makes the update important for users concerned over the security of their devices.

Source: Forbes