Intel Talks 2013 Tech

Intel Talks 2013 Tech

Earlier today, Intel Malaysia invited us over to their office to talk about upcoming technologies and what to expect in 2013. Present at the discussion were Uday Marty, Managing Director, Southeast Asia, Intel Technology Asia, and Prakash Mallya, Country Manager, Sales and Marketing, Intel Malaysia.

Uday Marty spoke first, stating that Intel’s focus in 2013 will primarily be with the Intel Core processors and the Intel Atom processors. In Asia, Marty said that the development of apps is being decentralized – nearly anyone with development know-how can create an app for various platforms, especially when it comes to the Android and Windows 8 platforms.

He also said that touch controls, Big Data, and the cloud will be developed further in 2013, allowing for businesses and consumers alike to experience a new level of computing. One such experience can be found on notebooks and Ultrabooks that will be powered by Intel’s upcoming 4th Generation Intel Core processors. These devices will offer all day battery life and standby time of up to several weeks, without compromising on performance levels. This is in line with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend that is happening across the globe currently.

Once Marty completed his briefing, Mallya took over by offering a Malaysian perspective. He began by saying that research has shown that Malaysians are highly tech savvy. With this in mind, 2013 will be the year that Intel makes it easier for Malaysian consumers to better select devices that suit their needs by educating the public on the different types of Ultrabooks being offered in the market.

He continued by saying that Intel Malaysia will focus on three key areas in Malaysia, namely to develop businesses, aid in education, and develop the local talent who work for Intel at the Penang plant.

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