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Intel Reveals More About the 4th Generation Core Processors
By Bryan Chan - on 22 May 2013, 2:19pm

Intel Reveals More About the 4th Generation Core Processors

Earlier today, we were invited to Intel Malaysia's HQ to sit in for a conference call with some of the people who were responsible for creating Intel's 4th Generation Core processors (codenamed 'Haswell'). During this conference call, we were briefed about the new low-power technologies used in the processors that will be featured in notebook PCs.

It was explained that the 4th Generation Core processors represents Intel's biggest increase in battery life, from one processor generation to the next. It will supposedly offer up to 50% better battery life when compared to Ivy Bridge systems when running active workloads. When it comes to idle states, 4th Generation Core processors will offer two to three times better battery life. Last but not least, it was said that these are the first Intel processors that feature an on-die Integrated eDRAM (embedded DRAM) Memory design.

At the heart of the low-power technology in the new Intel Core processors is something known as the Fully Integrated Voltage Regulator (FIVR). This system consolidates all the power delivery mechanisms to improve the way power is delivered to the system. Also, Intel developed an enhanced version of their 22nm Tri-Gate transistors that is optimized for low power consumption, without sacrificing performance.

What these all translates into is a powerful mobile computing experience with much longer battery life. It is said that notebook PCs running on these new processors will be able to playback up to three full-length HD movies while running on battery.

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