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Intel Refreshes Sandy Bridge Lineup with Three New Core i5 CPUs
By Wong Chung Wee - on 31 Jan 2012, 10:37am

Intel Refreshes Sandy Bridge Lineup with New Core i5 CPUs

Intel has refreshed its Sandy Bridge lineup with three new Core i5 processors. The most important aspect of the new processors is the fact that they have no integrated graphics. According to CPU World, their on-board GPUs have been disabled.

Model Cores / Threads / Frequency L3 cache Price (USD)
 Core i5-2550K 4 / 4 / 3.4GHz
(Turbo Freq: 3.8GHZ) 
 6 MB  $225
 Core i5-2450P  4 / 4 / 3.2GHz
(Turbo Freq: 3.5GHZ)
 6 MB  $195
Core i5-2380P 4 / 4 / 3.1GHz
(Turbo Freq: 3.4GHZ)
6 MB $177

The top-of-the-line Core i5-2550K is the second unlocked Sandy Bridge CPU from the Core i5 family; the first is Intel Core i5-2500K which has a clock speed of 3.3GHz, with a 3.7GHz maximum Turbo Boost speed. The latter has integrated graphics and has been a popular choice for most of 2011. If you can't wait for the newcomer, check out the latest prices for the Core i5-2500K from local retailers.

(Source: CPU World)