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Intel and Facebook Collaborate to Introduce New Server Tech
By Bryan Chan - on 18 Jan 2013, 10:40am

Intel and Facebook Collaborate to Introduce New Server Tech

Just a couple of days ago, during the Open Compute Summit in California, Intel Corporation announced a collaboration with Facebook. The collaborative efforts will be used to define the next generation of rack technologies used to power the world’s largest data centers. The collaboration has also unveiled a mechanical prototype built by Quanta Computer that includes Intel’s new photonic rack architecture.

Justin Rattner, Chief Technology Officer for Intel said “Intel and Facebook are collaborating on a new disaggregated, rack-scale server architecture that enables independent upgrading of compute, network and storage subsystems that will define the future of mega-datacenter designs for the next decade.”

Rattner further explained that the new architecture is based on more than a decade’s worth of research to invent a family of silicon-based photonic devices, including lasers, modulators and detectors using low-cost silicon. The technology uses light (photon) to move huge amounts of data at very high speeds with extremely low power over a thin optical fiber rather than using electrical signals over a copper cable.

The abovementioned mechanical prototype includes distributed input/output using Intel Ethernet switch silicon, and will support the Intel Xeon processor and the next generation, 22nm SOC Intel Atom processor, which is codenamed ‘Avoton’. 

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