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iFixit describes the Microsoft Surface Laptop as a 'glue-filled monstrosity'
By John Law & James Lu - on 19 Jun 2017, 2:15pm

iFixit describes the Microsoft Surface Laptop as a 'glue-filled monstrosity'

Image source: iFixit.

Microsoft's new Surface laptop looks great and it's also pretty powerful (even the base model has a 7th-gen Core i5-7200U processor with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage). Those looks come at a cost though: it's virtually impossible to repair it by yourself. 

iFixit has done a teardown of the laptop, which doesn't even have any screws, so their technicians were forced to pry apart the Alcantara fabric, noting that it was difficult to do so without tearing it. Underneath, the individual components were even more difficult to remove: the keyboard is glued down, and the motherboard is covered with a series of thermal pads. The iFixit team also reports that the battery can't be disconnected until several other components are removed, and once they got to it, they found that it’s also glued directly to the case.

As a result, the Surface Laptop received an all time low score of 0/10 on repairability, with iFixit calling it “a glue-filled monstrosity. There is nothing about it that is upgradeable or long-lasting, and it literally can’t be opened without destroying it.”

Source: iFixit.