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Here's why the battery in the Galaxy S8 won't explode
By Bryan Chan & Cookie Monster - on 20 Apr 2017, 10:35am

Here's why the battery in the Galaxy S8 won't explode

Screenshot taken from Samsung's Galaxy S8| S8+ Battery Safety Check (YouTube)

As its customers around the world begin to receive their pre-ordered Galaxy S8 and S8+, Samsung published a short video on YouTube detailing the various battery safety checks it does on the phones as an assurance that the Galaxy Note7 debacle will not happen again. 

The video shows how Samsung placed hundreds, if not thousands of Galaxy S8 handsets through different stress tests such as charge/discharge, accelerated usage and durability. It also shows employees going through the handsets to check if they are functioning properly. Similar to what we saw at LG's battery testing labs, Samsung also pierces the batteries to ensure that they do not explode under pressure or any circumstances. 

The scale of the battery testing procedures is impressive and shows the commitment by Samsung to ensure its products are safe to use. For more information on the improved 8-point Battery Safety Check, do check out our feature article here! 

Source: Samsung Newsroom (YouTube) via SamMobile