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Google Plans to Open Own Retail Stores
By Michael Low - on 18 Feb 2013, 9:44am

Google Plans to Open Own Retail Stores

Source: Google

Google has a strange way of doing business. Most retail businesses went from bricks and mortar to online stores. Recent news suggests that Google is ready to do the opposite. Apparently the tech giants are planning to open their own chain of retail stores across major US metropolitan areas this year. The new retail stores will aim to get more Nexus and Chrome products into the hands of customers.

The hands-on experience with a smart device such as a tablet, is an integral factor for consumers and perspective buyers. In addition, the personal experience will definitely help products such as the Google Glass which many would be hesitant to order online without trying out. There is no doubt that having an exclusive space to test out Google products, would be beneficial for sales.

Google has previously operated Chrome kiosks in larger retail chains but not with the express purpose of driving sales. The new, dedicated retail chains will move Google on a more even footing with Apple and their retail operations.

Source: 9 to 5 Google via The Verge