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Google Maps Street View Now Covers Mountains
By Michael Low & Hafeez Sim - on 19 Mar 2013, 9:41am

Google Maps Street View Now Covers Mountains

Everest South Base Camp <br>Image source: Google

Google Maps Street View has allowed us to view panoramic views of streets and places all around the world. From the Grand Canyon to the Dark Sector laboratory in Antarctica, Street View has managed to indulge the adventurers in us. And now being added on to the Street View collections available are Street Views for four out of the Seven Summits, which are the highest mountains on each of the seven continents.

The list currently includes Aconcagua (South America), Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mount Elbrus (Europe) and Everest Base Camp (Asia). Taken by Google staff with the aid of just tripods and digital cameras armed with fish-eye lenses, hit this link for a view of the world's highest peaks. 

Source: Google Blog