Google Glass Wink Feature Confirmed

Google Glass Wink Feature Confirmed

The rumor that you can take pictures using just a 'wink' action with Google Glass has been confirmed. Though the feature is not an option readily available to Google Glass users, but it was discovered within the kernel source code of the device.

The Google Glass wink feature is real and brings about a number of new possibilities.

According to TechCrunch, the wink features is currently being used by a small number of engineers who are using the original developer units of the Glass. It has been speculated that the Glass uses an in-built infrared sensor to track eye movements and allows the device to detect a blink or wink. To snap a picture in such a manner, users can perform an extended wink to capture a shot instantly.

To further confirm the feature, TechCrunch cited the patent “Unlocking a screen using eye tracking information”. This patent broadly describes a method that allows users to unlock a display using various forms of eye-tracking for head-mounted, wearable computing devices. A year later, the device was called Google Glass. Though the patent only talks about unlocking a device, the usage of infrared sensors to decipher blinks was mentioned several times.

Google is currently carrying out extensive beta testing before rolling out the Glass commercially. While the wink feature does raise new issues in terms of privacy, it could prove to have beneficial uses in other fields.

Source: TechCrunch


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