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Google Earth Pro 7.1 Launched on Earth Day
By Daniel Goh - on 23 Apr 2013, 10:57am

Google Earth Pro 7.1 Launched on Earth Day

In conjunction with Earth Day, Google announced the latest Google Earth Pro 7.1 software, which adds a number of map-making and printing tools designed to make it easier for businesses to create legends and scales for their maps.

The new Viewshed tool will let users check the visual impact of a building project on its surroundings by highlighting everything that can be seen from a certain spot in green, while the obscured environment is highlighted in grey.

In addition to this, advanced printing options will allow for the addition of HTML areas to their maps, where they can add information before printing it or even exporting as a PDF file. This new version of Google Earth costs US$399.

Source: TechCrunch