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Gigabyte Sparks New Ideas
By Jeremy Cheong - on 26 Mar 2013, 2:39pm

Gigabyte Sparks New Ideas

Gigabyte fans all around the world, get your pen, calendars and personal organizers ready as the Gigabyte 'NEW IDEA' Tech Tour 2013 is about to begin soon. The tour begins from Taiwan and Thailand on March 29 and will make its way to 12 more major cities across four continents from April through May.

The tech tour will be used as a platform to showcase Gigabyte's newest products and is divided into two sessions, with the first focusing on the 'NEW IDEAS' for gamers concept, while the second is to make a better tech life for all consumers. During the tech tour, GIGABYTE will also be communicating with worldwide manufacturers, media, business partners and users directly. Gigabyte not only wants to bring something NEW this year, but also to get everyone to THINK FRESH!

For gamers, the 'NEW IDEAS' Tech Tour 2013 will be the place to go as Gigabyte will be showcasing its new live-macro gaming mouse, the Aivia Uranium, the best cooling solution concept of WINDFORCE, gaming-grade AIO and a 17-inch gaming notebook. Gigabyte will also have the red dot design award-winning presenter air mouse, Aivia Neon; the very first headset in the new FLY product line, the bass boost USB 3.0 speakers, S3000 and a mobile office super mini PC, making an appearance at the tour.

The tour will make its way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on April 1 (no, this is not a joke!).

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