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Corning Gorilla Glass 2 Coming to CES 2012
By Seow Tein Hee - on 6 Jan 2012, 3:09pm

Corning Gorilla Glass 2 Coming to CES 2012

Does Corning Gorilla Glass sound familiar to you? That's because the hardy display has become one of the main staples of smartphones and tablets, featured on more than 30 major brands and used by over 575 product models.

Source: Corning

At CES 2012, the company will be unveiling Gorilla Glass 2. Details of its durability are still sketchy at the moment, but the company has stated that the product details will be made known in an announcement planned for 9th January.

James R. Steiner, senior vice president and general manager, Corning Specialty Materials, mentiond that Corning is well positioned to meet the challenges of handset and tablet device manufacturers driving toward higher functionality from thinner designs. While this is kind of stating the obvious, we should be expecting thinner Gorilla Glass displays, which will translate to much thinner tablets and smartphones in the near future.

Corning is also exploring opportunities for large format displays. During CES 2012, Corning's booth will also showcase the following products:

  • An 82-inch advanced multi-touch LCD display prototype featuring Corning Gorilla Glass as a durable, touch-sensitive, and elegant cover glass.
  • Touch-enabled automobile interior and home appliance center simulators demonstrating the enhanced user interface experience that thin, durable glass can enable in new design applications.
  • A centerpiece, Gorilla Glass-covered video wall, flanked by Gorilla Glass fabricated sound speakers, projecting the latest in Corning specialty glass technology news.

Source: Corning via The Verge