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CM Storm Unveils New QuickFire TK Gaming Keyboard
By John Law - on 21 Nov 2012, 12:55pm

CM Storm Unveils New QuickFire TK Gaming Keyboard

The QuickFire TK, Cooler Master's latest brainchild in its CM Storm line of gaming-grade accessories.

Cooler Master recently announced the existence of the QuickFire TK, a fully functioning keyboard under its CM Storm line.

Like other keyboards under the CM Storm line, the QuickFire TK is compact, steel-reinforced, and fully backlit. It features a complete NumPad block, which allows for seamless transition between Game mode and numpad mode as well as providing ample desk space for your mouse movements.

The QuickFire TK maintains CM Storm's unique key combos which enable you to make adjustments to the backlight, access multimedia commands and even lock the Windows button to prevent any accidental switching. It also comes integrated with Cherry MX switches, providing the QuickFire TK with the ability to respond and recover with virtually zero lag. The QuickFire TK will be available from this month onwards and pricing for the keyboard will vary from region to region.

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