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CloudOn Version 4.0 Offers Optimized Productivity to Android Devices
By Michael Low & Joy Hou - on 22 Peb 2013, 3:41pm

CloudOn Version 4.0 Offers Optimized Productivity to Android Devices

CloudOn has launched its version 4.0 worldwide, with Microsoft Office optimized for Android smartphones, with additional productivity features to provide the most user-friendly experience in creating, reviewing, editing, sharing, and accessing information about documents from your phone.

CloudOn is bringing the same functionality of its iPhone app to Android phones. Features such as landscape mode for easier viewing and revisions have also been added, as well as contextual tools and additional editing options to make files less like individual cells.

Android users owning smartphones including the Samsung GALAXY S III, GALAXY Nexus 4G LTE, GALAXY Nexus, GALAXY Note, GALAXY Note II and GALAXY S II Skyrocket will get to enjoy the following features:-

  • Android Customized Ribbon: The Microsoft Office ribbon is tailored to the Android screen, so touch-based functions like selecting font size, turning on track changes or creating a table are dead simple for users across all editing options.
  • CloudOn FileSpace: A FileSpace is a place to add notes and view all activity on a single file, including edits, for real-time updates on documents.
  • Support for both Portrait and Landscape view: View documents in either portrait of landscape mode, for easy editing on the go
  • Accessibility: Easily share files and view word, PPT or excel documents directly from your email, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and SkyDrive.

Download CloudOn for the iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini, or Android devices.