Clearer Photos of BlackBerry X10 Leaked

Clearer Photos of BlackBerry X10 Leaked

The upcoming BlackBerry 10 Z10 (L-Series) has gotten quite a fair bit of attention given the numerous amounts of leaks with its N-Series QWERTY-styled smartphone taking a backseat, despite both sharing the same January 30th launch date.  This time, we get to have a closer look at the BlackBerry X10 (previously dubbed as N-Series) device and its 720 x 720 pixel display.

These comes a few days after leaked photos disclose the presence of another BlackBerry QWERTY device beside the Z10 and X10. Resembling the HTC ChaCha smartphone, we speculate that it might very well be an entry-level BB10 smartphone based on its make, a prototype or the Dev Alpha C device that RIM recently handed out. If these aren't indications that RIM will continue to keep their focus on both touchscreen and QWERTY devices, we don't know what is.


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