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Celebrate this Raya with MSI gaming notebook promotions
By Chong Jinn Wei - on 24 Jun 2017, 11:00am

Celebrate this Raya with MSI gaming notebook promotions

MSI recently began a Hari Raya promotion where you can purchase the latest MSI gaming notebooks with significant discounts.

From June 19 till July 9, customers who purchase selected MSI gaming notebooks with receive immediate cash discount, ranging from RM300 to RM600. Thanks to MSI’s impressive specifications, all MSI gaming notebooks on offer are equipped with Intel’s 7th generation Core i7 processors, as well as NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 10-series graphics cards, allowing you to play today’s hottest PC game titles.

MSI is offering significant discounts to its lineup of gaming notebooks this festive season. The MSI GT62VR-269MY pictured here will have a RM600 discount during the promotional period. <br>Image source:

MSI gaming notebooks with the largest discount of RM600 are the GT62VR-269MY, GS73VR-282MY, GS73VR-261MY, and GE72-432MY; they cost RM9,999, RM10,699, RM10,399, and RM5,999 respectively after discount.  With a minimum of a GTX 1050 Ti and nothing less than a GTX 1070 graphics cards,  these machines have extreme longevity in handling future graphically-intensive games.

Gaming notebooks with a RM400 discount are the GE63VR-273MY and GS43VR-097MY; RM8,999 and RM8,299 respectively after discount. Equipped with GTX 1060 graphic cards, they provide users with the best midrange performance by being suitable for both gaming and other productivity tasks.

The MSI GE62VR 637MY Camo Squad Limited Edition provides Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands fans with a specially designed notebook to get them in the mood. <br>Image source: MSI.

For those who are especially interested in the latest Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands you can opt for the GE62VR 637MY Camo Squad Limited Edition, which is priced at RM7,399 after a RM300 discount. It sports a camo design, as well as a similarly designed backpack, water bottle, and mousepad,. It also comes with a copy of Ghost Recon Wildlands and its season pass. To finish it off, MSI also saw fit to bundle this with a pair of MSI DS502 headset.

When you buy either the GL62M-089MY or the GL62M-054MY, you will receive a RM100 Steam voucher, just in time for the Steam summer sale. <br>Image source: MSI.

Last but not least, for customers who are interested in either the GL62M-089MY (RM4,199) or the GL62M-054MY  (RM4,499), they will receive a RM100 Steam voucher to take advantage of the recent Steam summer sale to fill their machine with games.

Interested? You can check them out via MSI’s official online store or 11street; if you rather not wait, feel free to visit your nearest MSI affiliated stores.

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