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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV now supports C-Log
By Bryan Chan & Marcus Wong - on 21 Apr 2017, 4:36pm

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV now supports C-Log

Canon USA has just announced that EOS 5D Mark IV will now support their Canon Log feature, making it easier for film makers to color grade their footage to match clips from other Canon cameras. Canon Log is also supposed record footage with the widest dynamic range possible, and Canon says you can expect up to 12 stops – or about 800 percent - increase in dynamic range (ISO 400 or above).

Graph representing the difference in dynamic range with C-log applied.

This means more details in both highlights and shadows, and greater flexibility to work with color saturation and tone. A View Assist feature will also be added to the camera to provide a preview on the LCD monitor of how the image may look with post processing applied.

Probably the biggest issue that might cause some unhappiness with current EOS 5D Mark IV users is the fact that as it is, Canon intends to charge a fee for them to get the upgrade. Anyone who buys a new EOS 5D Mark IV camera after July will get it for free, as it will already be pre-installed.

Source: Canon USA