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Bid Adieu to the Netbook
By Michael Low & Kenny Yeo - on 2 Jan 2013, 10:19am

Bid Adieu to the Netbook


Before tablets and Ultrabooks became the latest and hottest property in the tech world, there were netbooks. These were inexpensive, portable computers that were positioned a rung below full-fledged notebooks and were marketed as the ideal computing tool for mainstream users who needed a system mainly for web browsing and word processing.

However, thanks to advances in processor technology (think Sandy and Ivy Bridge), which led to the rise of Ultrabooks; and following the massive popularity of the very capable iPad and its tablet brethren, netbooks were slowly but surely made obsolete.

Up until recently, only ASUS and Acer were still making netbooks, while its competitors - Samsung, Dell and Lenovo - have all refocused its efforts on tablets and Ultrabooks. But that's about to change, as both ASUS and Acer have both said that they will cease making netbooks.

The end of netbooks has come, but this is hardly surprising considering the competence and affordability of modern Ultrabooks and tablets.

Source: Business Insider