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AMD Vega GPU showcased during CES 2017 alongside Ryzen
By John Law - on 10 Jan 2017, 2:29pm

AMD Vega GPU showcased during CES 2017 alongside Ryzen

AMD was showcasing their Radeon Vega GPU on the CES 2017 showfloor. <br> Image source: WCCFTech.

CES 2017 may already be over, but there are at least some stories from the show floor that are worth reporting on.

In AMD’s case, the CPU and GPU maker from Sunnyvale captivated the audience by giving them a glimpse of its new Ryzen CPU and an engineering sample of their Vega GPU. Well, at least for one member of the media, anyway.

The lucky media group in question was none other than Linus Sebastian, boss of the Linus Media Group and the face of his widely popular YouTube tech channel, Linus Tech Tips. In the video that we’ve embedded with this article, AMD actually gives Linus permission to take off the side panel of a PC that is being powered by the illusive Vega GPU.

If you’re wondering about AMD’s use of the duct tape all over the end of the card, it’s because the finalized design of the GPU is still in the works. The cooler shroud on the Vega engineered sample is similar to the ones that AMD used with their Polaris-based cards, so you can definitely expect any and all future Vega-powered graphics cards to be sporting cooler shrouds with different designs.

AMD’s Vega is the company’s first enthusiast-level GPU to be developed and launched in a long time. It is the successor to Fiji, and it will be using AMD’s new HBM2 memory format.

The new HBM2 memory format features 2x Bandwidth per Pin and 8x Capacity per Stack, and will reportedly have as much as 8GB of HBM2 built into it.

AMD says that Vega will be used in the development of the upcoming Radeon RX 500 series graphics cards, as well as Raven Ridge, the company's APU that incorporates both Ryzen and Vega technology.

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