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Amazon looking to launch its own messaging app
By Michael Low & James Lu - on 17 Jul 2017, 2:30pm

Amazon looking to launch its own messaging app

According to AFTVnews, a website dedicated solely to Amazon-related news, Amazon wants to join Facebook, Google and others in the messaging app field.

Amazon's app will be called 'Anytime' and will have the usual messaging mainstays like message encryption, video, voice and stickers, but will also have a few unique features to separate it from all of the other apps out there.

According to a screenshot posted by AFTVnews, you'll be able to connect to other people without needing to know their phone numbers: “Reach all your friends just using their name. No numbers needed.” Instead, it looks like Anytime will use a twitter-like @username identifier. There will also be interesting group options, including the ability to order food together and split a bill.

Source: AFTVnews via TechCrunch.