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Alleged Specs of Next Xbox Leaked
By Michael Low & Wong Chung Wee - on 6 Feb 2013, 2:16pm

Alleged Specs of Next Xbox Leaked

The details of the Xbox 720 GPU have been leaked online. According to the site VGleaks, the new GPU has an 800MHz clockspeed and features twelve shader cores. The site also claims that the DirectX 11 compliant graphics chip is also capable of supporting 2x, 4x and 8x MSAA anti-aliasing effects.

A high-level block diagram of the Xbox 720 GPU <br>Image source: VGleaks

VGleaks managed to obtain the detailed hardware specifications of the GPU; however, it didn't mention the manufacturer of the video chip. However, there are some speculation that the supplier of the GPU might be AMD, while ExtremeTech had even gone ahead to draw a parallel between the architecture of the new GPU and GCN.

Image source: VGleaks

Earlier this year, we reported the PlayStation 4 developer's kit may be powered by an AMD Trinity APU; hence, it seems that AMD may be consolidating its foothold in supplying graphical hardware to the three major game console manufacturers as the Nintendo Wii U also features a GPU that is supplied by the company. There may be a slim chance that Microsoft will debut the new Xbox 720 during the E3 expo this coming June; however, Sony may beat them at the game with a highly-probable launch of its PlayStation 4.

Source: VGleaks, ExtremeTech, XBox World