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AVF Avanzado AH081 Media Player review

AVF AVANZADO AH081: Black Beauty

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A Few Flaws But Still...

Plugging in the unit, it took 30 seconds to completely boot up. Once up and running, we wasted no time in hurrying over to the Settings menu to check it out. Thanks to the snappy responsiveness and powerful sensor, we had a brilliant time working with the controls.

Marketed as a Full HD media player, this unit has no trouble handling a 1080i 60Hz setting but when we bumped up the settings on the AVANZADO AH081 to 60Hz 1080p, there were obvious artifacts present on the menu interface and on movies as well. Trolling through the menu to fix the problem, we noticed an option for firmware upgrades which we hope would fix this anomaly.


The unit performed admirably on 1080i settings. We tested a 1080p movie and playback was impressive with no artifacts whatsoever and even smooth frame rates during movement intensive action scenes.

We also liked the fact that there was a small preview screen when browsing through videos, so users who detest re-naming their files properly will definitely find this feature to be a god send. After roughly an hour plus of usage, we noticed that the mini-fan at the back of the unit did its job well because the unit was relatively cool throughout.