webe will be upgrading its network in 2017 to support 4G speeds of up to 300Mbps

webe will be upgrading its network in 2017 to support 4G speeds of up to 300Mbps

Lai Shu Wei, Chief Marketing Officer, webe digital sdn bhd

For a mobile service provider that went live barely two months ago, webe is actually faring quite well amidst the long-established giants of the Malaysian telco scene.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any more room for improvement. To further enhance the user experience on their platform, webe will be deploying its TDD2300 and FDD850 spectrum by the end of 2017.

The concept is somewhat similar to building additional lanes on a highway to help create a smoother traffic flow – with the addition of the TDD2300 and FDD850 spectrums, more and more webe subscribers will be able to enjoy the same 4G internet speeds concurrently, consistently, and without degradation

Shurish Subbramaniam, Chief Technology Officer, webe digital sdn bhd, breaking down the technicalities.

For the uninitiated, FDD is an acronym for Frequency Division Duplexing, while TDD, on the other hand, stands for Time Division Duplexing. In a nutshell, the former of the two spectrums offer better coverage and indoor penetration because of its low frequency, while the latter offers better capacity due to its higher frequency.

So you could say that webe is taking the ‘best of both worlds’ approach by leveraging on both FDD and TDD spectrums, which, apart from the additional bandwidth that it brings, will also allow for download speeds of up to 300Mbps with the help of 3CC Carrier Aggregation.

webe has already established a proof of concept of its proposed 300Mbps speeds at its headquarters in Petaling Jaya, in case you were feeling skeptical.

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