OKI launches a desktop printer that prints in neon

OKI launches a desktop printer that prints in neon

OKI Pro6410 NeonColor.

OKI has just launched the new Pro6410 NeonColor printer, the company's answer to printing images so vibrant that they glow under UV light. The new printer has the ability to print in super bright fluorescent colors and in turn, create new opportunities for business and revenue growth.

According to OKI, the Pro6410 NeonColor can produce fluorescent colors on almost any type of media, both light and dark, using a unique black or white quick swap print cartridge feature. The printer can also print in neon white, which is only visible under UV light, as a security mark or added effect.

“The Pro6410 NeonColor printer is another OKI first with its stand-out feature of printing neon colors. There are so many possibilities by electrifying conventional graphics with bursts of high-voltage, fluorescent color on almost any medium. It is part of our continuous commitment to innovation that opens up new, practical, revenue-generating opportunities for customers,” said Goh Yin Hwang, Country Manager, OKI Data (S) Pte Ltd Malaysia Rep Office.

With a size comparable to a tabletop printer, the Pro6410 NeonColor could print on media up to A4 in size, and on paper weights up to 250gsm. It joins OKI's new Pro Series lineup, which is primarily targeted at sectors producing creative designs, as well as those with a volume print requirement.

At the time of the announcement, OKI has yet to disclose the RRP of the printer or its consumables.

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