Dell's Sputnik Project to Merge Ultrabooks and Ubuntu

Dell's Sputnik Project to Merge Ultrabooks and Ubuntu


Ultrabooks are meant to be lean, mean fighting machines. Compact and powerful, they are supposed to deliver blazing fast performance and to meet high standards. To continue the improvement process, Dell has launched project Sputnik to bring about the Linux operating system to their XPS 13. Ubuntu 12.04 to be exact, will be the OS being ported to the ultrabook.

Linux, due to the fact that it can be customized and streamlined according to the whims of the user, is perfect for ultrabooks. Presently, Sputnik is a six-month pilot program on Dell's part to produce a finished product intended for use by web and mobile developers.

Targeting the experienced techies is a smart move from Dell, due to the perceived assumption of a higher learning curve for Linux among casual consumers. But since the operating system is adopted by smartphones as well, hopefully the masses will be familiarized with terminal commands soon, and we'll get to see Linux-based ultrabooks for everyday use as well.

Source: Barton's Blog via The Verge and Arstechnica