CES 2017: Mercedes-Benz and NVIDIA to launch A.I. car within a year

CES 2017: Mercedes-Benz and NVIDIA to launch A.I. car within a year

Sajjad Khan (left), Mercedes-Benz Vice President of Digital Vehicle and Mobility,  with Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA's Founder and CEO, talking about their collaboration at CES 2017.

Over the weekend, Mercedes-Benz and NVIDIA announced their collaboration at CES 2017 – both parties are working on A.I. car technology, with plans to bring a commercial A.I. car in the foreseeable future.

According to their blog post, the collaboration started three years ago and both companies are confident in bringing an A.I.-powered car within the next 12 months. The partnership looks into deep learning and artificial intelligence, which both parties setting up offices in their respective home countries (NVIDIA’s team is based in Stuttgart, while Mercedes-Benz’s sits at Sunnyvale, California).

The Co-Pilot demo at Nvidia's CES 2017 booth.

Details about the collaboration were sparse on NVIDIA’s blog post, but we know that the graphics card makers have been busy working on A.I. for automobiles – they unveiled their NVIDIA Drive PX 2 computer a few months back, while announcing their A.I. collaboration with Baidu. NVIDIA also demonstrated Co-Pilot at CES 2017, an automobile A.I. that can understand a user’s situation based on contextual clues.

You can watch their CES 2017 announcement below:

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