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Here are five ways to make the most out of your Netflix subscription
By Peter Chu - 9 Aug 2017,12:50pm

Here are five ways to make the most out of your Netflix subscription

Congratulations, you have decided to get yourself a Netflix subscription (and hopefully ditch your morally questionable piracy habits). But before you embark on your binge-watching spree, here are a couple of tips that you might want to take note of, just to ensure that you’re getting the full Netflix experience.


Make sure your Netflix content is actually streaming in Full HD

It would be a waste to watch Chef's Table on Netflix at any resolution lower than Full HD.

If you thought that a ‘Standard’ subscription is all you need to stream Breaking Bad in Full HD, you would be wrong, because you will also need to use either of these two web browsers: Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. That’s right, if you have been watching Netflix on your desktop PC using Google Chrome or Firefox all this while, you have unfortunately been streaming your shows in HD quality.

Streaming in Ultra HD, however, is a completely different ballgame. Not only must you use Microsoft Edge – because it’s currently the only browser that supports 4K streaming on Netflix – you’ll also need these:

  1. A HDCP 2.2 compliant connection to a 4K-capable display
  2. A 7th generation Intel Core CPU, along with the latest Windows updates
  3. A minimum internet connection speed of 25Mbps


Privacy, please: Create up to five individual profiles for your friends and family

Because not everyone enjoys watching a high school teacher and his delinquent student cook methamphetamine out in a desert in an RV, you might want to allocate a separate Netflix profile for the people who are sharing your account. That way, Netflix will be able to recommend them content based on the TV shows and movies that they themselves enjoy watching – something a little more refined like Chef’s Table, perhaps?


Give your subtitles a visual makeover

Did you know, that you don’t have to live with the default color, font, and size of Netflix subtitles? Feel free to customize them to your liking by heading to ‘Account Settings’ on the top right-hand corner of the Netflix landing page, and clicking ‘Subtitle appearance’ under the ‘My Profile’ section. In fact, you can take things to the next level by adding a solid background color, text shadow, and even a frame around the subtitles for better visibility.


Download videos for offline viewing

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and Instagram while waiting for your car to be serviced at the workshop, why not keep yourself entertained with Emmy-award-winning shows like Master of None, which can be downloaded onto your notebook or tablet for offline viewing. Just remember to download the show the night before your scheduled appointment, unless you don’t mind using your mobile data, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of offline viewing.

Create a to-watch list to keep track of your pending shows

Netflix is home to a treasure trove of content, making it terribly hard to keep track of all the shows that you would be interested to watch – especially when you’re so desperately trying to mentally retain everything that happens in Mad Men while binge-watching its 92 episodes. So, instead of pushing your memory to its breaking point, why not let Netflix do the dirty work by adding the titles that you’re planning to watch in future into the ‘My List’ section?

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