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Introducing a game developer and his views on the gaming industry

Ian Chee

People have a lot of opinions of the video game scene, on things like GamerGate and Feminist Frequency. But not many of these opinions are from game developers. So what I'm going to do today is introduce you to one, and his views on these topics.

This eye-tracking tech will change the way you experience VR

Michael Low

Based on what I experienced at 2017 Game Developers Conference (GDC), there's clearly a lot more to Tobii's eye-tracking technology than meets the eye. Here's why I walked away impressed by the potential of merging eye-tracking with virtual reality.

Nokia 3310: Am I the only one not excited about it?

Ian Chee

So the new Nokia 3310 is official. But there is just a small part of the that I can't shake off, that thinks "so what?" Let me explain.

Abundance, greed, and all the passive-aggressive festivities

Ian Chee

It's the Chinese New Year again, and for some reason or another, the inclination to one up each other seems to be at an all time high, alongside the joke that is the boyfriend/girlfriend rental. They may have the same cause, but put them together and you have a good reason to be cynical of society.

Fake news, clickbait and how to deal with them

Ian Chee

Coming across clickbait can sometimes give you a laugh at the end if you're lucky, or be be really depressing if you're not. Even worse are fake news, that make you believe what you shouldn't. Fighting them is not easy, but here's how you can do it.

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