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Ah, superstitions. Where would we be without them?

Ian Chee

The Chinese tradition is full of superstitions, especially during the Lunar New Year. Here are some that you'd often be told to adhere to, and what they mean if you do or don't

From Bulky To Slender: Re-Defining the TV

John Law

You wouldn't think twice about it, but for some of us, the evolution of the television has been quite a journey, seeing this everyday device transform from something boxy and cluttered into something slim and super detailed in its picture quality

Super-Mega Sensor

Daniel Goh

Megapixels and sensor sizes. How do they affect each other and more importantly, how do they affect your final image? In this blog post, I talk about both of them and what one means to the other. Also, with so many full frame options coming into play, do you think it’s worth trading your APS-C DSLR for a full frame (35mm) one?

World of Tanks - Russia Travels, Day 3

Lim Kuan Keat

Day 3 of our World of Tanks Ural Steel 2012 Grand Finals tournament. Match summaries inside!

World of Tanks - Russia Travels, Day 2

Lim Kuan Keat

On Day 2 of his trip to Russia courtesy of Wargaming.net, the publisher of World of Tanks, GAX Malaysia Editor recounts his visit to the famous Kubinka Tank Museum.

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