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The BCPC (Build a Custom PC) Project Part 2

Bryan Chan

Here's the second part of my basic guide on what to look out for when buying components for a new PC. This part covers the storage, power supply, RAM, and casing.

The BCPC (Build a Custom PC) Project: Part 1

Bryan Chan

Building your very own computer isn't that hard. With the overwhelming number of components out there in the market though, things can get a little confusing. If you have no idea on where to begin, then give this guide a read, and perhaps you'll be one step closer to owning your very own, self-assembled PC.

Let's Start Flashing!

Bryan Chan

If you're into digital photography and would like to take better pictures, then one of the best ways is to start using a flashgun. Using it off-camera can open up even more doors. Here's how.

Defragmenting the Fragmented

Daniel Goh

Over time, as your PC system starts to slow down, many attribute it to viruses or even just old age. However, at times, a slow system can be caused by fragmented files and here is a lay man’s explanation on what defragmenting your system actually does.


Daniel Goh

With the ever soaring prices of DSLR equipment here are some helpful DIY tips to make the built in pop-up flash more bearable.

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