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Abundance, greed, and all the passive-aggressive festivities

Ian Chee

It's the Chinese New Year again, and for some reason or another, the inclination to one up each other seems to be at an all time high, alongside the joke that is the boyfriend/girlfriend rental. They may have the same cause, but put them together and you have a good reason to be cynical of society.

Social media: are you over-socializing?

Ian Chee

Are you someone who has over a thousand friends on Facebook? Do you know every one of them the way you would your closest friends? If not, then maybe it's time you considered doing a little housekeeping.

The Power and Dangers of Social Activism

Sharmine Ishak

Facebook became a powerful tool for keyboard warriors everywhere during the weeks leading up to the Malaysian elections on May 5. Here are my observations on the activities that followed throughout, as I watched the world's most popular social networking site become a weapon for cause and chaos.

Infringement of Privacy

Sarah Mills

Malaysia’s LGBT community was on alert after it was tipped off that a mainstream TV station is planning to infiltrate their online and mobile hangouts in an attempt to expose them in the worst possible way. Is this an infringement of privacy?

Did Facebook Leak Private Messages or Did You?

Sarah Mills

Many Facebook users became convinced that years-old private messages were being published publicly on users’ timelines for all to see. After much investigation, they were considered to be wrong however some still continue to speculate.

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