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Malware-ridden ads and why they are the bane of the Internet

Ian Chee

The Internet has become a really scary place, with all the hacking and security breaches happening of late. I've mentioned prevention on a personal level before, but now let's take it one step further.

e-Sports in Malaysia: Catching up to the rest of the world

Ian Chee

With the launch of e-Sports Malaysia (eSM), the future of our local pro gamers is now brighter than ever, and the potential for improvement is just as immense. But for some of our already established players who have decided to make progress overseas, is it a case of too little, too late?

Hackers in the age of information

Ian Chee

The Internet has recently experienced a string of hacks, most notably starting from the GOP hack on Sony Pictures. Incidents like these are not going anywhere. In fact, they are here to stay for as long as there are holes in the Internet left to be plugged. All we can do is avoid being collateral damage in the process.

Game development: Is releasing unfinished, unpolished and buggy games a new trend?

Ian Chee

Last year, we had Battlefield 4. This year, we have Assassin's Creed Unity. It seems like every year, we will have major titles launching near the year-end holiday season, only to be so buggy, it may as well be unplayable, unfinished or 'still in alpha', to mention a few choice descriptions.

Music streaming: what does it mean to us

Ian Chee

Last week, Taylor Swift decided to pull her entire discography, save one track, from Spotify. One of the biggest names in the world of music has pulled her support from the worlds biggest music streaming service. So what does this mean to consumers?

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