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Responding to the response to the drop and bend tests

Ian Chee

Samsung has responded to the YouTube videos of bend and drop tests done to its GALAXY S6 edge with its own tests. Disputing other in-lab tests where everything is controlled is fair enough, but do real-world, out-of-lab tests not have merits of their own?

Bring back the durability and endurance of mobile phones of old

Ian Chee

While mobile phones a few years back can't do much beyond making calls and sending texts, they were pretty rugged, and can take a beating from the real world. Those of today, however, can do almost everything, as long as it is not used in the real world. Can't we have the best of both worlds?

Gaming community: The pros and the plebs

Ian Chee

We sometimes see certain things through rose-tinted glasses, and when we finally get to see the true nature of things, the shock can be quite overwhelming. But it's not all doom and gloom, and there is a silver lining to be found from the aftermath of the Major All Stars.

Portrayal of women in games: A personal take

Ian Chee

Sexism in media, especially in video games, is a topic that is never going to go away, even if the Gamergate movement is now (relatively) quiet. Of course, some women have taken it upon themselves to bring to light what women, or specifically women designers, want in art.

Malware-ridden ads and why they are the bane of the Internet

Ian Chee

The Internet has become a really scary place, with all the hacking and security breaches happening of late. I've mentioned prevention on a personal level before, but now let's take it one step further.

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