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Brand loyalty: making everyone a loser

Ian Chee

Alan Henry from Lifehacker recently wrote an in-depth article about how "brand loyalty makes us all suckers" (in his own words), and he's right. Although, there's always two sides to a coin.

The dark side of eSports

Ian Chee

Now with an open admission by a pro gaming team that they took performance enhancing drugs, it's become clear that like conventional sports, eSports isn't free from drug abuse.

Konami's recent happenings can be chronicled as "How to not run a games company"

Ian Chee

Fans of Kojima Productions will definitely know the story behind the scenes at Konami. There's apparently more to it than just Kojima Productions, and after coming across more reading material on the subject, here's what I think of the whole thing.

Fallout Shelter, among other things, proves that Bethesda is awesome

Ian Chee

Bethesda is a unicorn among game developers. With the stellar performance of its mobile game Fallout Shelter, there is no doubt that the gaming community is behind the game developer and publisher. Perhaps the secret to restoring the gaming industry to glory lies within the way the company works?

Self-driving vehicles: Driving you home as you soak in cold sweat

Ian Chee

Let's face it, there are a number of things that we think are a good idea now, but then decide otherwise immediately as it becomes a reality. We see this happening with GMOs and A.I., and even cars to a certain extent. The new one will be driverless, self-driving cars, which is all the rage right now.

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