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Malaysian Customs Making iPad 2 Customers Impatient?

Kevin Boey

Delays on iPad 2 shipments due to Customs; Apple pacifying customers instead. Oh dear.

A Breach of Trust

Lim Kuan Keat

A security breach may be easily rectified, but a breach of trust is harder to repair. Can Sony learn from mistakes?

Facts to Prove Your Parents Wrong About TV

Jeremy Cheong

For the parents who worry about their child watching too much telly, here's some good tips and tricks on how to take advantage of the "idiot box".

Losing Your Online Security

Kevin Boey

With today's news about data leakages and mining from unauthorized parties, it's probably time for netizens to rethink personal security.

The Suing Business Between Apple and Samsung

Kevin Boey

Apple sues Samsung for infringing the iPhone 4’s design with the Galaxy S, and the iPad’s with the Galaxy Tab. We weight in on the cause and effect.

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