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Bridging Barriers: How Games Have Influenced Reality

Bryan Chan

The video games that you and I play are influenced by real life. To some, these very same games have influenced their lives as well. Here's a look at just how this is so.

In Search of Better Smartphone Battery Life

Kevin Boey

We'd never thought long uptimes on 3G data were possible until we met the GALAXY Note. Why aren't more smartphones built like it?

Looking Back at Motion Controls

Chong Jinn Wei

Now that all three major consoles have motion controls, is its use as a major gaming peripheral or add-on all that practical?

Gamification Theories

Daniel Goh

With so many different techniques out there about how to engage audiences and improve employee performance, one in particular caught my attention – Gamification. Lulled in by the cool-sounding name, I was intrigued by the theories that were put forth.

Overdosing on DLC

Bryan Chan

Having downloadable content accompany a video game has become standard practice for the video game industry today. Are you in favor of this trend or against it?

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