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Gamification Theories

Daniel Goh

With so many different techniques out there about how to engage audiences and improve employee performance, one in particular caught my attention – Gamification. Lulled in by the cool-sounding name, I was intrigued by the theories that were put forth.

Overdosing on DLC

Bryan Chan

Having downloadable content accompany a video game has become standard practice for the video game industry today. Are you in favor of this trend or against it?

Double Vision

Sharmine Ishak

3D support is being included with most devices today, but society is struggling to cope with this new advancement. The question is: how safe is it?

The Last Stretch in Pre-Sleep Device Usage in the Bedroom

Terence Ang

It used to be that the Last Mile dictates the final leg of communications between the service provider and the consumer. What about the Last Stretch?

The Need for Gaming Peripherals: Do They Really Improve Your Game?

Bryan Chan

The gaming peripheral industry is becoming more and more populated by the day. Does the average gamer really need all the features a gaming peripheral has to offer?

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