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Best path to disappointment: Be a gamer who doesn’t believe in microtransactions

Ian Chee

As it turns out, and I'm not sure if this is supposed to be surprising or not, people love their DLCs. Guess I'll go commit gaming suicide now.

Modular phones: Are they really coming soon?

Ian Chee

The LG G5 has gotten a load of attention from its announcement at MWC 2016 - and loads of leaks prior - with its modular system. It's nice that modular smartphones are back in the spotlight, but what happened to the ambition of a fully modular phone, Project Ara?

What the recent terrorist attack in Paris reveals about ourselves

Ian Chee

The terrorist attack in Paris last week was a devastating one, but despite the fact, we still aren't able to stop bickering amongst ourselves. Not quite counter-intuitively, the solution to such incidents is not retaliation, but unity, according to someone who spent 10 months as a hostage.

Brand loyalty: making everyone a loser

Ian Chee

Alan Henry from Lifehacker recently wrote an in-depth article about how "brand loyalty makes us all suckers" (in his own words), and he's right. Although, there's always two sides to a coin.

The dark side of eSports

Ian Chee

Now with an open admission by a pro gaming team that they took performance enhancing drugs, it's become clear that like conventional sports, eSports isn't free from drug abuse.

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