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Having given up his dreams of playing games for a living, he has gone for the next best thing: writing about them for a living. Or at least, whenever given the chance. Quite clearly a Japanophile, it's a wonder why he doesn't yet speak the language, although that might have something to do with the fact that he doesn't speak much in general.

Abundance, greed, and all the passive-aggressive festivities

Ian Chee

It's the Chinese New Year again, and for some reason or another, the inclination to one up each other seems to be at an all time high, alongside the joke that is the boyfriend/girlfriend rental. They may have the same cause, but put them together and you have a good reason to be cynical of society.

Fake news, clickbait and how to deal with them

Ian Chee

Coming across clickbait can sometimes give you a laugh at the end if you're lucky, or be be really depressing if you're not. Even worse are fake news, that make you believe what you shouldn't. Fighting them is not easy, but here's how you can do it.

The Division, post-patch 1.4: You’re only as good as your first mistake

Ian Chee

Tom Clancy's The Division has recently recovered from a very rough patch, and is back as a better game as ever. All that said, many of those who were pushed away by its previous imbalance are not coming back. This serves as evidence that you're only as good as your first mistake.

Thanks to you death-threatening lot, No Man's Sky is in the way it is

Ian Chee

No Man's Sky is a game with a lot going on for it, mostly in unpleasant ways. Sure, there's a lot to blame Sean Murray and Hello Games for, but they're not entirely at fault. We are, partially. Here's why.

The rapid rise, the fall, and why I can’t be tossed about Pokémon GO

Ian Chee

Niantic’s Pokémon GO has sought to bring Pokémon to real life via Augmented Reality. When it launched, it was a massive success. But its delivery wasn’t perfect, and now it’s making some unpopular decisions that may see it plummet as quickly as it rose. All is (un)well in the world.

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